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Red Velvet Sofa

Title: "Red Velvet Sofa"
Characters: John Cena x Edge
Series: WWE Wrestling (Monday Night Raw)

Disclaimer: NC-17 NOT WORK-SAFE. For the oodles of manpr0n.

John Cena by sumeragiskank
Edge by Jen

[July 10, 2006 - Monday Night RAW]

The dark feelings that had started to grow the previous week had firmly taken root inside John Cena, and had quickly spread like wildfire throughout his being. All he could think about was the few minutes that his mind had warped into what felt like an eternity of Edge laid out before him. Cena, for all his joking and affability and ability to attract others, had never been one to form any lasting attachments himself. Easy friends, yes, but no romance in his life. No one had ever created a spark, caught his eye, forced him to take notice.

What a bitch that someone finally had and it was a weaselly bastard of a man. He'd really not seen that one coming, considering all the years of fantasizing to very female fantasies... a very self deprecating grin slid across Cena's face as he moved towards his goal. Edge did have extremely fine hair that smelled of expensive shampoo. Pretty damn girly.

The blonde had humiliated him earlier during the broadcast, taunting him during a match that was much more difficult than it should have been because Cena had been unable to stop trying to hear what Edge was saying. Every sense was honed in on the man behind the announce table and not on the one trying to kick his head from his shoulders. And then, after that even, Edge had managed to cement the upper hand by leaving Cena crumpled on the mat from a spear without a second glance backward.

That lack of consideration was something Cena was not going to leave alone. A quick, smile-ridden exchange with the girl who worked the hotel desk had revealed Edge's room number, and now Cena stood outside the door. With the blood in his veins working rapidly from the mixture of anger and desire that had been festering inside him during the ride from the arena to the hotel, he ignored the sign hanging on the door knob and pressed the doorbell.

"It's about damn time--" Edge started, opening the door and expecting to see room service, but instead getting slammed by the ex-champ himself. Cena laid into him, pushing his way into the hotel room and dragging Edge's half bare body across the dining table. Wine glasses were shattered, the shards cutting up Edge's back as he scrambled to get away. But Cena caught him and threw him down onto the little red velvet sofa, looming over him and trapping him there. Cena had been yelling some crazed things about parading around like the Rated-R Superstar, but before anything else could register for Edge, Cena was shoving his leftover dinner in his face.

Cena didn't know where it came from, but once he started attacking Edge, it all just came pouring out in a rush that he couldn't stop. One that he did not want to stop. He grabbed blindly at the nearest object, wanting something to shove in Edge's face, and ended up with a handle of no doubt overpriced mashed potatoes. 'Worked well enough as he forced it down Edge's throat. "A champion's gotta eat!" Seeing Edge turn red in humiliation made Cena smile, and he popped a finger into his mouth, cleaning off the remaining food. "That's actually pretty good." Edge looked ready to kill, and Cena's smile grew larger as he pressed the blonde even further into the couch. "Mind sharing?" Cena leaned forward to lick a small bit of the white mush that was on Edge's cheek.

Edge turned his face to the side, spitting out food and wiping it off his face with his hand before turning his focus back to the other wrestler on top of him. He shoved against Cena's chest, twisting his fingers in the other man's t-shirt. "Get off me, you psycho!" Of course, Edge had been drinking at the hotel bar all evening, so he was a little buzzed. Lacking the focus to put strength behind his movements, Edge was as effective as a wet noodle. The one thing it did do for him, however, was make the prospect of another warm body pressing against him not such a horrible thing--even if it was John Cena. Edge squirmed accordingly, fighting just enough to keep the angry man angry. At the moment, that seemed like an interesting prospect.

Cena was a little surprised at the lack of real fight from Edge, but then, the blonde was opportunistic. He'd much rather talk his way out of something. "You're gonna have to get me off yourself. I'm feeling rather cozy." He looked down at Edge, who was flushed and looked...softer than usual. Not quite so sharp and venomous. He let his tongue slide out to lick again at the last bit of food clinging to Edge, this time close enough to almost taste the mimosas on Edge's breath.

"Pervert. Get yourself off," Edge smirked at his joke, speaking right into Cena's ear as if it were some lewd secret. Then he bit Cena's earlobe, grabbing at the wrestler's short fuzz of hair and painfully pulling the man's head away. Edge brought a knee up sharply, jabbing Cena in the side in attempts to flip him off the couch.

Cena shivered as Edge assaulted his ear, the sharp pain from being bitten zinging down his spine and feeling entirely way too good for being chewed on. "Aww, but you know," Cena paused to deflect the various efforts Edge was making to reverse their position. No way was John Cena ever going to let Edge get him on his back again, in the ring or in a bedroom. "It's just not as much fun when you do it yourself."

Edge let out a sharp yell as he was flattened to the couch once again, Cena's weight pressing so close that it left very little to the imagination. Edge pushed his hips against Cena's deliberately. A challenge. Teeth gritted in a sneer, Edge looked up at Cena with fiery eyes. "Is that so? Well John, maybe you're just not doing it right."

Cena had to swallow the groan that Edge's aggravated grinding caused. No way in hell was he going to concede the first round to the blonde for something as cheap as that. "You would know a lot about long nights with just you and your hand, wouldn't you?" Cena grinned happily down at Edge as he ran a hand slowly down Edge's side, feeling the coiled strength in the lanky body beneath surprisingly smooth skin.

Edge curled his fingers in Cena's shirt impatiently, tugging at it, "You're the one without the girlfriend--" Edge spat out, shivering as Cena touched him, his body stiffening more. Edge found this incredibly uncomfortable and maddening. He couldn't make Cena stop OR go faster, the damned brute packed a lot more power than him. This was torture. But Edge would not give Cena the satisfaction of seeing him pent up. A slow smile melted across Edge's lips in a coy way, "That's what this is about, isn't it? John Cena, the would-be champ... is just as lonely at the bottom as he was at the top. You're pathetic."

Cena's smile faltered for a second. Edge's words were softly spoken but as sharp as a knife that hit all too close to home. He'd never thought of himself as lonely, but here he was, reaching out to his worst enemy. "You're not exactly fighting to get free to go see your 'lovely' girlfriend either." Cena hadn't missed the little shiver beneath his fingers and repeated the motion, this time letting his hand wander off the safer path and drift across the flat plane of Edge's stomach.

Edge inhaled sharply, his hips squirming for more purposeful attention, "You're making it really hard to fight..." Edge figured he'd give Cena that much, after seeing his verbal dagger stab the ex-champ in a clearly sensitive spot. Edge was all for opportunistic superiority, not outright cruelty. And Cena was starting to make this trying situation a little worth his while. If only he'd stop messing around! Edge had been in this position countless times with Cena in the ring, but this was different... and Edge wanted more of it. He hooked his fingers in Cena's shirt and began to pull it over his head.

Edge's sudden active involvement left Cena blinking in surprise as his t-shirt was tossed across the room and a lot more skin was pressed against Edge's. They'd both been clad in less and against each other before, but he'd never felt this sort of electric charge shoot over him. "Every time I think I've got you figured out..." Cena laughed to himself and stared down at the annoyed Canadian squirming against him. "Calm down, it's not like I've done this before, Mr. Rated R Superstar," Cena moved against Edge experimentally, feeling hardness press against hardness.

"Oh shut up, you have--" But upon closer inspection of Cena's lack of glowing confidence, Edge's face lit up in a superior grin as he realized that Cena was telling the truth. Edge was still the belt-wearer right now... in more ways than one. He laughed out right, "Mr. Trash-talkin' chain gang the champ is here so come get some... is a virgin? Now I want to hit it even more--" Edge raked his fingertips down Cena's chest, encouraging the other wrestler to get riled up and rough again. "You'd better not get all blushy and weepy on me."

"Not everyone can be the village bicycle," Cena grimaced as little pink stripes blossomed on his chest from Edge's abuse. He grabbed ahold of Edge's wrists and pinned them over the blonde's head. "Try and keep your claws to yourself," Cena quirked an eyebrow before dipping his head to bite at a nipple. Hard.

"Dammit!" Edge yelped, writhing all the more. With his hands disabled, all Edge could use were his legs, which he brought up around Cena's waist in hold move. Edge's thin spandex pants really did not provide much of a barrier when pressed in such close quarters with the other wrestler. It felt damn good.

"Liked that, did you?" Cena found himself almost purring as he watched Edge's face twist in a bit of pain and pleasure. He licked over the poor, red nipple before starting to lightly suck on it, letting his teeth catch on the nub to keep it from being too nice. He let go of one of Edge's wrists, wanting to let his fingers do more exploring over the strange and new world of a thin, muscular male body.

One hand was all he needed. Edge quickly worked to pry Cena's fingers off his other wrist, freeing both of his hands. Again, he lifted his knee, this time hitting Cena in the gut with it. Catching him off guard with such a sudden move, Edge was able to grab Cena by the forearms, using his legs to successfully flip them over... leaving Edge on top. The Rated R Superstar pressed Cena down into the plush fabric of the sofa, holding himself close as he planted a heated kiss to the dumb brute's neck. Edge would show this simpleton how it was done! One sneaky hand snaked its way down to Cena's fly, unbuttoning it. Edge frowned, giving a nip to Cena's neck as he met resistance from the ridiculous boxers beneath.

Cena blinked up at the scowling blonde, just a bit dazed from the shot to his gut and the reckless abandon with which Edge was attacking his neck. It was more than a bit surreal, even if the sharp bites and sucks sent little spikes of pleasure racing down Cena's back to pool in his groin and leave him aching. He moaned in surprise when a warm hand wormed its way inside his shorts, the heat even through his cotton boxers making his hips jerk upwards.

Edge's eyebrow quirked in amusement. A superior smile slid across his lips as he traced a fingertip along the outline of Cena's length through the thin material. He didn't bother to look at what he was doing, instead his attention was focused entirely on Cena's reactions. The Rated R Superstar wanted to see the ex-champ squirm uncontrollably, and he seemed to know exactly what made Cena's body twitch. Before long, Edge had pushed his hand beneath the boxers, taking Cena into a gentle but firm grip. Edge was more delicate in his ministrations than one would have guessed, perhaps it could be passed off merely as skill; there wasn't any doubt that Edge had experience in this.

And squirm Cena did as ring-roughened fingers expertly moved over sensitive flesh rather unused to another's touch. It was just enough to make Cena crave more, not enough to get him anywhere near getting off as his hips followed the easy rhythm eagerly. He wasn't quite sure of what he was doing and for once, John Cena was okay with following someone else's lead for a bit. It certainly was not hurting him, though the infuriating smirk on Edge's face needed to be removed.

Edge withdrew his hand, repeating John's earlier words, "Liked that, did you?" Edge scooted down on the couch, tugging Cena's remaining clothing down and off. This motion wasn't as gentle as his previous fondling. Edge raised an articulate eyebrow in question as he examined Cena's nude body with a cursory perusal, "Trying to make yourself look bigger with the shave job there, I see. It's not really workin' for ya." Edge smirked with confidence. Actually, Edge was surprised that a retarded gorilla like Cena had the decency to groom himself (although that's not something he needed to admit). But it certainly made this entire ordeal more paletteable. Edge again raked his fingernails down the solid plane of Cena's abdomen, stopping right where a happy trail would have been.

Cena couldn't stop the flush that spread over his body as it was laid bare even as he snorted at Edge's comment. "Never had any complaints in the past, princess." His easy grin grew a little strained, however, as nails came dangerously close to sensitive areas and Edge was just mean enough to push the pain a little too far. Cena growled in warning and grabbed Edge's wrists, holding them apart as he glared at the blonde. "You're overdressed. For once."

"Hey, it's you and everyone else in the ring who insists on yanking my pants down on international television. Although I can't blame the world for wanting to see this fine ass." Edge snapped his hands away from Cena once more, getting up briefly to remove his wrestling tights and straining black thong... before returning to straddle Cena's lap. He leaned in close, rubbing against the other wrestler with a slight press of his hips. "So, Ex-champ, is this what you wanted?"

Cena was completely unprepared for just how good the press of another man's skin was against his own, and more than a bit shocked that the blonde felt so sleek and smooth. "Hmm, it's a start," Cena smirked even as he was a little confounded as to where to put his hands. He finally rested them low on Edge's hips, holding them still to stop the really distracting movements Edge had been making.

"It's not even that, if you're going to just lay there. No wonder you couldn't hold onto the championship--you're lazy." Edge frowned, squirming a little as Cena put his hands on him. It was odd to have the other wrestler touching him gently. The Rated R Superstar leaned over to pull some extra handy lube from the nearby side table drawer. He dropped the small tube on Cena's chest. "Here, if we're going to do this... make yourself useful."

Cena rolled his eyes in annoyance. Just when Edge was almost being a reasonable human being, he had to go and open his mouth. "Unlike you, I don't have stamina problems. 'Like to take my time." He ignored the tube Edge threw at him, and instead ran his thumb over the head of Edge's cock experimentally. It was just as hard and wanting as his own, and Cena had to grin to himself at that. His nemesis was being just as affected, even if he was acting like a whiny bitch about it. Slowly, just to be annoying, Cena let his fingers slide down the hard length before taking it firmly in hand and giving it a tug.

Edge swallowed hard, choking down the noise that threatened to escape his throat. He wouldn't give Cena the satisfaction unless it was really worth it. This wasn't. "A champ's... got lots of things to do, no time to waste..." Edge muttered with no real conviction as his rival handled him. He placed his hand around Cena's hand, squeezing in warning, "So stop fooling around and do it."

Cena fought back the sigh of annoyance at both Edge and himself. Why was he treating this like he was getting involved? Edge wasn't a girl and Cena wasn't that romantic a sap. "Nice excuse," he smirked at his rival and let go of Edge's erection with a final squeeze. He picked up the little tube that had been thrown at him and popped it open. He had a basic idea of the principles behind having sex with another man, though he'd never studied up on it. Had to be the same as a girl, he figured, only with a bit more preparation and concern. Or maybe not so much concern, since it was Edge. "You asked for it...." Cena leveled a direct stare on Edge's face as he squirted the lube onto his fingers and slid them down Edge's thigh and past tightly drawn balls. "Let me know if I'm doing anything wrong, you're the one with experience."

"Shut up," Edge retorted with the commonplace comeback he seemed to use for just about any given situation with Cena. He scooted forward, spreading his legs wider to give the other wrestler better access. Edge's cruel side was interested in seeing Cena fumble nervously and screw things up, even at the potential cost of his own comfort. Unfortunately, his rival wasn't a total moron about it. As Cena's confident fingers hit home, Edge bit his lip and tried not to moan but failed.

The rough, low moan made Cena's cock jump and with a bit more enthusiasm, he worked another finger inside. The stretch didn't seem too great, but unless Edge was regularly screwing men, this had to be uncomfortable. The blonde had hidden behind is his trademarked smartass grin, leaving Cena to guess as to what he was feeling. Well, if he wanted to be an annoying jerk about it... Cena slowly moved his two fingers in and out, making that tight little entrance as slippery as he could.

Edge groaned, digging his fingernails into Cena's shoulders as he steadied himself. This wasn't something he'd done in a while, but the sensations came rushing back, familiar as ever. There was the irritating sting of pain, followed by the awkward feeling brought on by clumsy fingers that were no where near large enough to hit all the good spots that would make the discomfort go away. Edge's hips flinched as a distinct need to be filled pooled in his belly, aching. Edge refused to outwardly reveal his growing need, but he did grab for the open tube, putting some lubricant on his hand and attacking Cena's erection with it.

Cena couldn't stop his own appreciative groan as Edge's clever fingers went to town on his poor ignored dick. The steady pulling was more than distracting as Cena tried to concentrate at the task at hand. He started to scissor his fingers open, spreading Edge open wider. The blonde was going to need it to take in all of the "little Marine."

Edge almost purred as Cena worked him deeper, his butt raising on instinct like a happy kitty who was getting lots of attention. Edge took a moment to clamp down on those reactions, however, his scowl returning as he stared down at his impromptu partner. "That's enough," he stated, swatting at Cena's arm.

Edge letting his guard to show some obvious pleasure was extremely gratifying. He ignored Edge's insistence on being ready for another minute or so, pretty sure the blonde was doing it just to be annoying. John Cena moved on when he was good and ready, and not because Edge told him to. He finally removed his fingers from Edge's ass and stared up at his rival, almost glad to see Edge's trademark mean smirk. "Any particular preference on how we do this?" Cena asked with his own lopsided grin, managing to sound much more calm than he was feeling.

"Well you're useless, so I'll do it." Edge sneered, displeased with Cena's ever lingering hands. He leaned forward as he scooted up to position himself gingerly over the other wrestler. "You can just follow along," Edge chided as he let the tip of Cena's cock swipe along the cleft of his ass, stabbing lightly at his opening as he tested the waters. He descended slowly, letting gravity work for him. As the head popped past his tight ring of muscle, Edge cried out from a numb sort of pain that wasn't entirely horrible. The rest of the slide home felt too tight, Cena felt too big, but Edge took a deep breath and relaxed until he was fully seated.

"I'm sorr..." Cena's apology was cut off by a deep moan that refused to stay down in his chest as his cock was enveloped in tight, mind numbing heat. It was one thing to beat the crap out of a guy in the ring or in a fight, but it was another to hurt someone during something this intimate--even if it was two guys who generally couldn't stand each other getting dirty on a hotel floor. Cena unconsciously ran soothing fingers over Edge's hip, waiting for the blonde to relax before experimentally moving his hips a fraction of an inch.

Edge sucked in breath, biting his lip. Using the sturdy man beneath him to steady himself, Edge pushed up a little, grinding his hips down again. Okay, that still hurt. Edge grit his teeth and breathed again, grasping for the hand Cena was stroking his side with. Edge put it between his legs, wordlessly demanding a pleasurable distraction before this went any further.

Cena complied without thinking, taking ahold of Edge's wavering erection and handling it with shaky finesse. Not moving was the toughest test of his will he'd experienced in a long time as all his nerves were screaming at him to start shoving into the body on top of him as hard and as fast as he could manage.

Edge almost sighed in relief as Cena worked him over. Stupid Cena and his huge dick poking him in all the WRONG places. But the pleasure Cena provided slowly began to drown out the pain. Pretty soon, Edge's hips were twitching into the other wrestler's firm grip. His body began writhing shallowly of its own volition, and then a bit deeper, the growing pleasure shutting out anything that had been uncomfortable moments before.

Some of the discomfort left Cena's body as Edge's hips began to squirm against his, seeking more friction. He loosened his grip, letting the blonde's hips slide smoothly against the one hand lingering there, pulse quickening at the silky slide. He didn't stop his other hand's deft movements over Edge's cock, wanting to make the blonde lose it first, as he began a very steady, very slow rhythm of his own upwards into that tight body. That'd show the cheeky bastard.

Edge leaned forward, gripping Cena by the shoulders and digging his fingers in with a sneer. He returned Cena's thrusts with even more deliberate ones, getting a little rough. The Rated R Superstar had no intention of losing this one, nor was he interested in something slow and gentle... now that he had gotten accustomed to it, that is. He had not forgotten that the wrestler beneath him was his rival, and he didn't care to spend any extraneous time around the guy--he'd get off and then he'd get going. Enough with the damn foreplay. Edge gave Cena an expression that challenged the ex-champ not to hold back any longer.

Cena had to fight the almost instinctive urge to throw Edge off him; having his shoulders pinned down, and by the blonde bastard yet again, should not feel that good. He grunted his annoyance and picked up his pace, not because he was told to, but because the nasty glare Edge was sending his way made his blood burn even more. He left off of tugging on Edge's cock, digging fingers hard enough to bruise on both of the blonde's hips. If Edge wanted more, Cena was gonna need both hands.

That seemed just fine by Edge as the Rated R Superstar took the opportunity to arc his body backwards, placing his hands behind him on Cena's thighs. This put the lanky curve of Edge's body on direct display for Cena, flaunting it in the ex-champ's face. Edge moved his hips fluidly, his now free erection bobbing along almost lazily with his motions.

Cena rolled his eyes at the deliberate show before him; Edge just couldn't let being a power-playing jerk go, even while obviously enjoying himself. He let the blonde continue his little tease for a few moments, since it was a NICE show, before tightening his hold on Edge's hips and flipping Edge over. He smirked rather gleefully down at the surprised look on Edge's face, blue eyes twinkling, as he pressed him down into the couch.

Edge cried out in shocked pleasure as Cena's sudden weight on top of him pushed the other wrestler deeper inside. He shivered and clung to Cena on instinct, pushing his face against the other man's neck with a moan as the motion was repeated. With one quick change in position, the ex-champ had managed to wipe the smirk right off Edge's face and dismantle him into a trembling mess, barely keeping himself from crossing that taut line between tension and release.

The new, deeper slide and even tighter grip on his cock stole Cena's breath for a few moments, his smirk forgotten as he looked down at the honest need apparent on Edge's face. It was one of the most unguarded expressions he'd ever seen on the blonde. Finally, even Cena had to stop his musings upon the wonder that was Edge not acting like a snarky bitch and give into his body's need to move. He planted a hand on either side of Edge's shoulders for balance as he picked up his earlier rhythm, twisting his hips as he increased his pace.

"Nnnhh.... harder..." Edge groaned, trailing off into a whimper. As Cena pounded him repeatedly into the plush surface, each jarring thrust sizzled down his spine and made him ache in ways he couldn't grasp. It hurt too good. Edge brought his arms up around Cena's torso, hugging the other man fiercely and clawing into that muscular back. The Rated R Superstar sucked and nibbled at Cena's throat to distract himself from making any more unguarded noises, but it was getting harder to concentrate on anything due to the bright white pleasure consuming him.

That was one command Cena didn't mind taking from Edge, the little pinpricks of pain from Edge's fingernails spurring him on even more. He started to really pound into the blonde, pushing in as deep as he could with each thrust, all of Cena's stupid strength finally being put to use in a way that Edge could not bitch about.

Edge's thighs clenched against Cena's hips as he came--suddenly, unexpectedly, completely caught off guard. Edge could have sworn he screamed when it happened, but he couldn't be sure. His body tingled in waves, the reverberations converting his every nerve to mush; it was impossible to distinguish reality over the roar of pleasure. For a few seconds, anyway. He was aware of the other wrestler still moving over him, inside him, but he couldn't be bothered with that. All Edge cared about was languishing in what had to be the most explosive orgasm he had ever had.

Cena was unable to make a sound beyond harsh breathing, so wrapped up in watching Edge fall to pieces underneath him. Luckily for Cena, his body did not need his brain to keep moving. The sudden, rhythmic tightening around his dick made his hips snap even faster before finally freezing completely as he spilled himself inside the blonde. Everything fuzzed out for a few moments as he came, unable to remember the last time he had felt so alive and amazing, before he slumped against Edge. With pleasantly tingling nerves following him into the afterglow, Cena cast his eyes down at his thoroughly debauched...lover? Cena had to quirk his lips at that thought, even if Edge looked so soft and unguarded at that moment. He didn't even realize that he started moving to press his lips against Edge's.

Still in a haze, Edge returned the kiss lazily, licking the inside of Cena's mouth in what would be considered a fairly intimate manner... if the Rated R Superstar had been paying attention. At this point, every nudge and caress and press of the blonde's body was merely on instinct. All conscious thought had thoroughly been blasted out of him and were only returning slowly. As of right now, the warm, firm body of the other wrestler felt good to Edge, so he stayed there.

A part of Cena's mind was boggling at everything that had just happened, but the rest was complete mush as he continued to kiss Edge slowly and rather thoroughly. This somehow felt even more intimate than the sex they just had.

But as Edge slowly came back to reality, he found the weight and closeness of the other wrestler to be rather unsettling. This was not his intention at all. He promptly shoved Cena in the chest, squirming to get out from underneath him. "What do you think this is? Get off."

"Already did!" Cena couldn't resist making the quip and giving Edge one final, lingering squeeze before reluctantly moving away from Edge. As he did so, it became rather hard to ignore just how sticky and dirty they both were.

Edge took on the air of someone who hadn't just slept with his worst enemy. "Oh, oh, you think that's funny don't you? You shouldn't mock the champ." Edge feigned a sarcastic smile for a brief moment before steadying a vengeful glare upon his rival. "Get out of my room, I don't want to see you again unless it's in the ring."

Cena found that the old, more familiar feelings of wanting to smash Edge in the face were not lost and, in fact, could come rushing back rather quickly. "Wanna lose that badly?" He got up off the couch and gathered his clothes. He'd just have to deal with being a little dirty and uncomfortable until he got back to his own room.

Edge picked up a throw pillow from the small couch and flung it in Cena's direction. It bounced off his head. Edge was serious... or at least as serious as a pillow arsenal could demonstrate.

"Always have to get the last word in..." Cena grumbled as he kicked the offending pillow and got dressed. With a quick wave over his shoulder, he left. He was able to take the hint and it would certainly ruin the still lingering good feelings to get into a fist fight.

Edge slammed the door behind Cena, turning to lean against the door. The blonde was seething, but beneath the obvious anger there was still that out of place presence of embarrassment and possibly regret. He'd be damned if he'd let Cena see it, though. Edge sighed, letting his head fall back against door, "Idiot."