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This is My Summer

Title: "This Is My Summer"
Characters: John Cena x Edge
Series: WWE Wrestling (Monday Night Raw)

Disclaimer: Rated-R (haha, get it?) and actually work-safe.

Note - All wrestlers in our wrestling slash are written as their characters. As far as we are concerned, their real selves don't exist.

John Cena by sumeragiskank
Edge by Jen

[July 3, 2006 - Monday Night RAW]

It had been an extremely frustrating week for John Cena. The normally good natured man was in a sour mood as he headed towards what he hoped was an empty locker room and a much needed shower. Losing the title was enough to leave anyone down. Losing it to a smirky bastard who had the gall to nail him in the face with his own spinner belt was enough to leave Cena grinding his teeth at the memory.

Edge's smirk of victory refused to leave his mind, the infuriating grin crystal clear even with the passage of time. It was starting to get a bit worrisome. A guy just shouldn't be that fixated on another guy's mouth. Cena shook his head, trying not to think about the obnoxious blonde, and pushed open the door to the changing area. It was blissfully empty. Everyone else had headed out for a night of fun or rest. He slung off his shirt, grabbed a towel, and headed for the showers.

* * * * *

Edge headed towards the locker room, the satisfying boos of the crowd fading to echoes in the empty hallway. As much as he loved the audience's praise, he loved upsetting their perfect experience that much more. They all worshipped John Cena, they all idolized Rob Van Dam... and Edge had just stolen it from both of them. If they couldn't appreciate that, then screw 'em. It was his championship now. With the comfortable weight of the belt on his shoulder once more, Edge pushed the door open to the back room. A sick grin slowly spread across his face as he laid eyes on just the man he wanted to see; RVD had been a small detour, but Cena was his real goal all along since the damn Rumble--and the jarhead knew it.

"Hey John... quite a fight, don't you think?" Edge leaned against the wall, nonchalantly flicking the 'W' on the belt and watching it spin.

"If clocking someone from behind is what you call a fair fight," Cena gritted out, body tensing at Edge's unwanted presence as he turned to glare.

"Didn't exactly call it fair, now did I?" Edge retorted.

Cena couldn't control the glance he shot to the belt as the gold spun and shone. It belonged to him, and not the lanky jackass toying with it. He'd be loathe to admit it, but usually, he enjoyed the verbal sparring that occurred whenever he and Edge faced off. So few people were able to keep up with John Cena's infamous trash talking, and the blonde was one of the few who could. At the moment, however, he was not in the mood to deal with any sort of taunting in a mature or intelligent way.

"Why don't you slink wherever it is bad little rats go for fun and I'll forget your cheap shot for the night."

"Wow, that sore of a loser, huh? You can try to forget it all you want, but I'm the champion now--show a little respect."

"Respect? For you?" Cena laughed, the sound short and hollow. He moved faster than most people would think him capable of, shoving Edge against the wall hard. "I don't think so."

Edge's eyes went wide as he was caught off guard, hitting the wall with a large thud as the stout man put him there. Cena was a powerhouse, he hit hard and it wasn't an easy thing to fight off if you didn't have the advantage. Edge enjoyed tormenting the other wrestler to a point, but when Cena decided to get physical, the Rated-R Superstar knew just when to retreat.

Edge glared, his expression firm as he attempted to finesse the situation. "You'd better get your hands off me," Edge blurted as he pushed back against Cena's chest; he didn't budge. Edge disguised his worried expression with a well-placed smile, "Wouldn't want to ruin your perfect reputation, Mr. Hero."

Cena smiled. He caught the split second of trepidation that flashed across Edge's all too expressive face. It made something dark curl and twist in delight deep inside Cena, and he pressed harder against the blonde. "I don't see anyone else, do you? How fortunate, I think I kinda like putting my hands on you."

Heat rushed to Edge's face at the implications of that statement, and the creepy way Cena said it as he held him there. Edge attempted to direct the conversation in a safer direction. "What the hell is your problem, Cena? Tonight's match not satisfying enough for you? Fighting in here won't earn you the belt back--"

Cena himself did not quite fully understand the slippery slope he had been rapidly sliding down since he'd first started noticing minor details about the blonde that had been bothering him all week. He'd been left wanting and empty, unsatisfied in the way their matches ended with Edge still with the belt and the upper hand. Cena's fall had only accelerated now that Edge had had to open that frustrating, all too distracting mouth and take away much needed solitude as well. Words and repeated pummeling hadn't managed to give John Cena what he wanted from Edge, and without a conscious thought, he closed the small distance between their bodies to press his lips against Edge's.

Edge's head immediately snapped back, but the wall allowed no room to get away. He gripped at Cena's shoulders, trying to make the other man move, but he would not. What the fuck, Cena was just screwing with him now... right?! There was no denying that this was just about the most effective way of going about it--Edge almost wondered why he hadn't thought of it before, but then he came to his senses; no way in hell! Edge didn't even stop to think about the position they were in or why they were in it, he was so certain that Cena was just doing this to piss him off. He went straight for Cena's nose, pinching it tight so he couldn't breathe. That'd make the psycho let him go.

The lack of oxygen snapped Cena out of his mindless trance, and he broke the kiss enough to allow a quick breath to be sucked in through teeth that refused to let go of Edge's lower lip. He pulled back, increasing pressure on the trapped flesh, warning Edge to let go as he reached up to grab hard at the blonde's wrist.

Oh, it was on now! Edge growled at being bitten, closing the distance between them once more and adding his own input to the equation by sticking his tongue down Cena's throat. He fought to wiggle his wrist free of Cena's grasp, disliking to be restrained in any manner. Instead, he pushed his hand behind Cena's head, pulling at his hair.

Cena's eyes widened in surprise at the sudden spurt of involvement from Edge, but the tongue that was currently licking over his teeth like they were candy was nice. The fingers yanking at his hair, however, were not, and he broke his tight grasp on Edge's wrist to bury his own fingers in the other man's long hair. The blonde strands were surprisingly soft, and Cena couldn't resist the urge to tug at them just enough to stop it from being a caress.

Now it was Edge's turn to bite Cena, which he did, on the lip. It clearly gave the message of 'don't pull on my pretty hair, you dumb oaf'... but it didn't stop Edge from continuing the kiss, entirely determined to make Cena submit to his amazing Rated-R skills. He forgot about Cena's hair for the time being, trailing his hands over the other wrestler's shoulders and then his chest. Cena had muscles to spare and was a lot more built than his own lithe frame. Edge could not resist tweaking a nipple. Hard.

Cena broke the kiss, the sharp pain shooting through his chest snapping him out of the kiss fogged daze he'd been in. "What the fu...."

They stared at each other in silence for the barest of moments, a crazed expression frozen on Edge's face, his mind racing to figure out what was wrong with this situation and why he was perpetuating it. But all he could focus on was John Cena's square-ass head, and how much it was begging to be hit. So Edge landed his fist square in Cena's jaw.

Cena's head jerked at the impact; it was a hell of a lot harder than he expected from Edge. The bastard was smart, sneaky, and quick but not a heavy hitter. Cena touched the already swollen lump forming on his lip and drove his own fist straight into Edge's gut. He didn't pull back, though, still feeling the strange pull to be near the blonde.

With a loud clatter, Edge's WWE Championship belt slid from his shoulder and struck the floor. Edge crumpled into Cena with a grunt, digging his fingers into Cena's biceps to support himself as he recovered from the shockwave of pain. And then Edge snapped, shoving Cena off of him hard and kicking him to the floor.

He flew on top of him, hitting the other wrestler repeatedly, "Ex-champ's a damn sore loser! Too bad your fans can't see you like this, taking cheap shots!"

"Cheap shot?!" Cena deflected the flurry of blows, and managed to get a grip on one of Edge's arms. He kicked at the other man to get him off his body, and ended up shoving and rolling them both at the same time. Cena glared down at Edge and used all of his considerable bulk to prevent the blonde from squirming free. "Everything you've ever done to me has been a cheap shot. I should hate you."

It wasn't cheap, it was called opportunity--Edge took advantage of it often! But that was besides the point. Edge writhed under Cena, arching his body and bucking his hips in every attempt to work himself free. When he only met with resistance, he stopped struggling momentarily to sneer up at Cena, "Then why don't you?"

"I don't know," Cena had to admit, and that made the situation with Edge even more frustrating. Try as he might, Cena could not muster hatred for the man that was pressing against him in distracting, delicious ways. He only felt what he was coming to realize was a twisted attraction. The more Edge taunted and pushed him, the more Cena wanted to push back.

"You're screwed up, you know that? One too many hits to the head. Maybe I should have aimed lower, " Edge quipped coyly, only half struggling now. His mouth curved into a devious grin as Edge realized that everyone's favorite wrestling hero was perplexed and out of sorts, and Edge had been the one to do it to him. He'd dug far deeper with his mind games than he thought he had--Edge was quite proud of himself, although he didn't quite understand what he'd done to trigger the currently visible frustration in Cena.

"Maybe." Cena grinned as Edge's struggles subsided and their bodies settled against each other more closely. There was a definite stirring in Cena's cargo shorts that had not been there a few minutes ago. He knew he shouldn't be letting his guard down, Edge would ruthlessly take advantage of any opening he was given, but the snappy comment had almost been cute. Cena's grin turned a little self-deprecating. Maybe he had been hit one too many times in the head if he was thinking the sneaky Canadian was cute.

Edge pursed his lips as he felt Cena press closer. "Didn't think a goody goody like you was into stuff like this. You make all those STD jokes... this must be pretty casual for you, doncha think?" Edge's eyes burned with something undefinable and, for once, the Rated-R Superstar's expression wasn't an easy read. "Sorry, but I'm not really interested in losers who can't admit defeat (not that I'd be interested in ones who did). Don't feel bad though, not many people can resist my charms." That all too familiar smile broke out then--Edge's default poker face. He was playing this cool even though Cena held all the cards.

"Unlike yourself, I don't much do casual," Cena frowned and hefted himself off of Edge, feeling a definite and disturbing sense of loss as their bodies no longer came in contact. He even offered his hand politely to the man still laying on the floor. Maybe it would be best to just leave and forget this ever happened. He motioned to the belt that had fallen to the floor, knowing if he picked it up, Edge would have to fight to get it out of his hands. "You might wanna take better care of my belt, to maximize your enjoyment since you'll only have it a short time. I fully intend on taking it back the next chance I get."

Edge smacked Cena's hand away, "Don't plan on it. This is my summer." He got up, snatching his belt away before Cena could touch it. He spun the belt again just for good measure. "So get ready for it."