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Motion Denied

Prologue: "Motion Denied"
Series: Star Trek (Original Series AU)
Characters: Kirk x Spock
Disclaimer: PG-13 work-safe.

Since we were pretty petrified of touching this series in its purest in-character/in-universe form... we decided to set this story in a sort of "alternate universe." However, the only major differences in this AU are that money still exists in the 23rd century, and Starfleet Academy is a normal school, not a military institution.

Spock by Jen- actually this whole part lol

"The Academy Board's motion to cut funding for the tri-dimensional chess club is... illogical. I do not comprehend the benefit in awarding those funds to the football team; repeatedly perpetuating a ball through an end zone in a barbaric display is hardly productive in developing the intellect of this establishment." Spock pleaded his case in an honest and straightforward manner, appealing to what he believed was the best interest of the school board.

"Mr. Spock, we appreciate your appeal to this panel and we recognize the attention you have invested, but our decision must stand. It is not a matter of enrichment, it is a matter of budget. The football team pulls in more money for this school than chess events, therefore it takes precedence in these proceedings."

It had come down to a matter of money. Considering the social infrastructure currently in place on this planet, it was a logical conclusion. However, in a modernized society such as this (albeit not as advanced as his own on Vulcan), it was a wonder that the concept of money still existed. It was detrimental to the advancement of an intelligent species. Nevertheless, the unfavorable fact was that such an economy did exist, and it was not a point Spock could easily debate. Spock stared forward plainly, looking past the board members to find a meditative center to calm his misgivings toward this culture.

"We do apologize. You are still welcome to utilize the clubroom for personal play, but this district will have to withdraw from any official tournaments scheduled for the academic year. Perhaps next year when this board reconvenes to review the annual budget, we will be able to make an exception."

There would be no next year for Spock. This was his senior year at Starfleet Academy, his last chance to play three-dimensional chess in competition. Upon completion of his studies here, he would be transferring to the Vulcan Science Academy for his higher education. At least, that was his father Sarek's intention for him.

While the young Vulcan did not often prescribe to Sarek's viewpoint, he did agree in this case that the extracurricular activities on Spock's record paled in comparison to his pursuits in pure academia-- thus, advancement in a Vulcan institution would suit him best. Regardless of his choice in university, but especially if he wished to continue studying abroad at an Earth-based school, it was Spock's responsibility to present himself as a well-rounded student and not merely another Vulcan who lacked the aptitude for subjects outside of fact-based knowledge, observational studies, and logic.

Chess was one of the only activities that coupled those qualities with social interaction. Student-based politics was another, as bureaucracy was nothing more than a game of clever farce to belay and manipulate a populace of chess pieces; Spock had no interest in it, and it was not as if the student council had use for a more neutral position such as an ambassador.

His thoughts digressed and he came upon a solution to his problem. "I have one additional question for the board."

"Please," The elder member motioned for him to continue.

"If I were able to produce the funds personally, would the Academy be able to keep the club active?"

The panel conversed momentarily before arriving at an answer. "Yes, but that is a considerable expenditure. The enrollment fees alone are substantial when not backed by an institution. I understand that your father Ambassador Sarek is a prominent figure at the Vulcan Embassy, but--"

"This does not concern Ambassador Sarek," Spock interrupted, sounding more stern than he had intended. The persons sitting opposite him in the hearing room eyed him with what he believed to be surprise at addressing his father in such an impersonal manner; humans generally displayed more attachment to their parental figures. Spock could not control a sense of apprehension that lingered within him at the mention of Sarek, but as a good Vulcan, he repressed it. "As I understand it, soliciting political donations that should otherwise be unbiased is frowned upon. The Vulcan Embassy has no investment in promoting a chess team, I can assure you that the means of acquiring the proper funds will not go through... my father."

"If that is your wish, then the board will allow it on a quarterly basis. You must meet the scheduled payment deadlines, and undergo regular reviews by the board."


"Then it is decided. Good luck in your endeavor, Mr. Spock."

Spock did not understand what the human concept of wishing for a favorable probability had to do with it.