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Happy Birthday, Byakuya!

Title: "Happy Birthday, Byakuya!"
Characters: Ichigo x Byakuya
Series: BLEACH (college AU)

Disclaimer: NC-17 NOT WORK-SAFE. Cheesy 80s love ballads and PWP birthday sex!

Ichigo by Jen
Byakuya by sumeragiskank

Ichigo pressed up close to Byakuya's back, nipping at his neck and running wet hands over wet skin. He snuggled there for a while, still half-asleep, warming himself in the spray of water which his body now entirely blocked from reaching Byakuya. Ichigo was a shower hog (when he got up early enough to share one with Byakuya)... although Ichigo usually kept Byakuya too preoccupied to notice.

Today, however, Byakuya was hyper aware of the warm body pressed against his back. In spite of how good Ichigo's hands felt moving over his skin, Byakuya wasn't in the mood. "You're hogging the water and I need to wash my hair," Byakuya said flatly as he slipped out of Ichigo's grasp and snagged his bottle of shampoo from the little bath caddy on the wall. He started to wash his hair and try to ignore Ichigo. A part of him felt bad for doing it, but Byakuya had woken up in a terrible mood. It was January 30th and Ichigo was a distraction from brooding Byakuya felt he really didn't deserve.

Ichigo frowned at Byakuya's attitude. "Che, fine. Good morning to you too." He stepped out of the shower, grabbing a towel in a huff. As he was walking out of the bathroom, drying off his hair (and letting the rest of himself drip everywhere)... he paused, noticing Byakuya's wallet there on the dresser. Ichigo loved to snoop, he couldn't help himself. He opened the wallet and flipped through it. You could get to know a lot about a person by looking at their wallet...

Byakuya rinsed his hair one last time and let the water spray run over him for a few more moments. Ichigo was annoyed at him and Byakuya didn't relish the thought that having to kick the orange-haired boy out of the apartment. With a sigh, he stepped out of the shower and wrapped himself up in a towel before he did the same to his hair. He walked out, noting the water drips on the floor with annoyance, and looked around for Ichigo.

Ichigo had already left. There was only a crudely-scribbled note on the bed that read, "Went out. I'm not mad at you. --Ichigo"

Byakuya picked up the note and read it quietly. Just as quietly, he folded it up and placed it on his nightstand. He threw the towel around his hair on the floor and flopped onto the bed with a sigh. He found himself curling around the pillow Ichigo regularly used, running a hand over it. Byakuya just felt worse now on top of the depression he'd been failing to fight off. He pulled the pillow closer and figured there was no reason for him to get up or even bother to get dressed today, completely lacking the motivation to be well-groomed and active like he always was. Not to mention the pushing off of class and homework he was going to do. With another sigh, he started to stare at the wall.

* * * * *

The next day, Byakuya managed to drag himself out of bed and get dressed. He then proceeded to bury himself in working on a paper that was due in about two months to distract himself. For the entire day. He broke once to go get something quick to eat and check the mailbox. He placed the only piece of mail he received into a small drawer with several other unopened letters and went back to working on his paper.

They day wore on, and before long it had grown dark. Ichigo had not shown up once since he had left the day before. It was especially odd because not only did Ichigo usually spend most nights twisted up in Byakuya's sheets, snoring all night long... but there was hardly a moment in the day when Ichigo didn't pop up somewhere to bother Byakuya. It was eeriely quiet and lonely without him.

But the silence was interrupted by a loud thump and screech of feedback, and then Byakuya heard Ichigo's voice booming outside his window through an amplifier. And he was singing. Or trying to.

Byakuya almost jumped out of his chair. He'd been wrapped up in the article he'd been scouring when the racket started. He was going to ignore it since he figured it was just one of the neighbouring buildings partying, but that voice was one Byakuya had trouble ignoring. He visibly twitched when the electric guitar joined in with Ichigo's caterwauling. Since when did Ichigo even know how to play the guitar, let alone own one? He waited a few more seconds, hoping it would go away. But no, Ichigo just kept on going. Byakuya finally could not take it anymore and stalked over to his window and threw it open. He leaned out the open window and glared. The glare softened a little, though, when Ichigo looked up at him and grinned like the idiot he was.

Ichigo had "borrowed" Renji's guitar and amp. His best friend had always dreamed of starting a garage band... but sadly lacked a garage. And a band. And good singing talent. And Renji had also only managed to get into school on a clarinet-playing scholarship. Either way, Renji had taught Ichigo a fair deal on the guitar... well enough to give a ragingly amateur rendition of "When I See you Smile" by Bad English. Ichigo grinned at Byakuya seductively (or so he thought--it was mostly pretty dorky) as he put his foot up on the speaker and wailed on a mad guitar solo. It was all really loud.

Byakuya was struck utterly speechless as he looked down at Ichigo. He'd never heard the song, but the lyrics were absolutely terrible. Ichigo's singing was usually ok, but combined with the guitar-playing and the wailing into the mike... it became one earsplitting mess. The longer Byakuya watched Ichigo make an ass of himself, the harder it was to continue glaring and being annoyed. First, the corners of his mouth twitched upwards as Ichigo made the classic "guitarist in pain" face, and then Ichigo looked up and did his cheesy sexy grin. Their eyes locked and the impossible happened. Byakuya, forgetting totally about his brooding, started to smile openly at Ichigo.

Ichigo stopped with a laugh, continuing to speak into the microphone. "You're pretty when you smile, Byakuya."

Byakuya started to turn pink. "You're not very pretty when you torment the neighbourhood with your 'singing'," he called down to Ichigo. The smile remained, though.

"You love it." *Ichigo chuckled, STILL speaking into the microphone. "Now, birthday boy, are you gonna let me up there so I can touch you inappropriately?"

"Not if you don't put that microphone down," Byakuya managed to reply rather coolly before he turned his head to hide the fact that he was starting to laugh. Ichigo was so shameless and it was starting to be something Byakuya found endearing as opposed to enraging. Of course, it was best to not let onto that with Ichigo around.

Ichigo threw the headset off, plopped the equipment on the porch, and came inside. He hugged Byakuya, kissing him. "Sorry about the other day... I thought you needed the time alone. But really, you shouldn't be depressed about it... you don't look any older to me."

Byakuya glared at Ichigo and slid his arms around the orange-haired boy's waist. "I'm three years older than you," he said dryly. "It wasn't that."

Ichigo pouted, pressing his lips to Byakuya's neck. "Then what was it?"

"I've spent every holiday and birthday for the past three years alone," Byakuya said quietly. He sighed and slid his fingers under Ichigo's shirt, wanting to feel warm skin.

"Shit--" Ichigo threw his shirt off, pressing close. He walked them backwards towards Byakuya's bed. "Why don't you tell me these things. I won't let you be alone." The tone in Ichigo's voice was serious, and warm, and not his usual excited hormones tone. He actually sounded mature tonight. Comforting.

Byakuya fell back against the bed and tugged Ichigo down with him. "If you must know," he said as he leaned up to kiss Ichigo softly, "My family disowned me shortly before my high school graduation."

Ichigo's brow furrowed. "Why the hell would they do that?" As they conversed, Ichigo worked to remove his and Byakuya's clothing until they laid there together, flesh pressed against flesh... close and warm.

Byakuya almost snuggled against Ichigo, burying his face into Ichigo's neck. "Their idea and my idea of what my future should be did not mesh." He grinned into Ichigo's skin. "They'd have had an apoplectic fit over you."

"Good. I don't want to agree with people who don't let you be who you wanna be."

"For a long time my choice didn't seem to be worth what I lost. Things have changed finally." Byakuya was surprised that telling Ichigo this made him feel better. He'd shared his past with his family with no one.

Ichigo nuzzled Byakuya's neck, making a noise of approval. "I'd hate to see all your passion cooped up and restricted. I know you're a private guy about some things, but... you're really into the things you're into. Nothing is worth giving that up for."

"Thank you," Byakuya murmured. "For helping me see things in a new light." Byakuya smiled again, though his eyebrow arched up a bit. "How did you know it was my birthday?"

"I looked through your wallet while you were in the shower." ^__^

Byakuya pinched Ichigo's side. "I take it all back."

Ichigo winced, sucking then biting at Byakuya's earlobe. "Yanno, you're really old too... taking advantage of such a young boy like me."

Byakuya just glared at Ichigo. "More like a sexual deviant taking advantage of a pure bodied innocent," he sighed out as Ichigo continued to pay attention to Byakuya's sensitive ear.

"That's your fault, yanno... too pure, too innocent to resist." Ichigo placed a kiss on Byakuya's chest, running his palm up under Byakuya's thigh. "Every little thing excites you so much..."

Byakuya moaned in spite of wanting to be remain silent just to needle Ichigo. Maybe if Ichigo didn't embody everything that turned Byakuya on most of the time... Byakuya let his legs fall open and tugged Ichigo up for another kiss.

"So... want anything special for your birthday?"

Byakuya looked up at Ichigo, confused for a moment. He couldn't think of anything special he'd like aside from Ichigo learning how to do his own laundry, but that obviously wasn't the sort of 'special' Ichigo had in mind. "There's no..." Byakuya trailed off as he rather vividly recalled something that would count. He also turned bright pink at the thought of even asking out loud for it. His eyes darted away from Ichigo's face as he bit his lip. "Well, perhaps...."

Now Ichigo's interest was peaked. He absolutely loved trying to get Byakuya to say perverted things out loud, but with Byakuya's sense of propiety and modesty, it was a nearly impossible task. Ichigo grinned like an idiot, and then his brow furrowed, trying to act serious. "What is it?" Ichigo's mind wandered, wondering what sort of filthy, perverted, KINKY thoughts went through that repressed mind of his boyfriend's...

Byakuya kept on looking at a neutral spot past Ichigo's head. "Once at the movies, you were being a pain and used me as the snack in a way and well..."

"... and...?"

"My fingers ended up in your mouth and you kindofsuckedonthem and well..." Byakuya's face was now a shade rather close to scarlet, "It felt good. And it, well, it made me think of other things..." Byakuya's flicked downwards quickly and back up. He really was embarassed to be talking about this.

Ichigo turned a little pale, getting Byakuya's meaning and not feeling playful enough about the subject to pester him any further. "That... I'm not doin' that. That's something a girl-- uhh.... it's just..." And now it was Ichigo's turn to blush and trip over his tongue. He ruffled the hair at the back of his own neck nervously, looking down at Byakuya. Shit, he didn't wanna hurt bis feelings. But sucking dick was like the gayest thing you could do, other than taking it up the ass--neither of which Ichigo was particularly interested in doing. And since Byakuya was sort of the girl in the relationship, Ichigo hadn't thought about him wanting Ichigo to do THAT ever. It was just... different.

"In case you haven't noticed, I am not a girl." Byakuya's eyes narrowed, his embarassment forgotten in his rising anger. For someone who pushed Byakuya to open up and change, Ichigo was certainly being rather self-delusional.

Now Ichigo was even more embarassed... which he covered up by snapping back. "I know, I'm sorry!" It was stupid, him being a hypocrite like that, but Ichigo couldn't control the knee-jerk reactions he was predisposed to. But he did press closer, nuzzling Byakuya apologetically. Ichigo had that determined righteous look on his face. "I'm not perfect, I'm new to this too yanno... so give me a chance."

Byakuya sighed and pressed a kiss to Ichigo's cheek. Ichigo was so confident it was easy to forget he wasn't all that worldy himself. "I know. It just... thinking of you imagining someone else when you're with me..." He sighed again and let himself grin a little. "You don't have to force yourself. I just... it, well, I think it's umm sexy."

"Now you've got me all wrong, Byakuya... I don't imagine anyone else. Only you. There's just some things that'll take getting used to. And that's not a bad thing..." Ichigo kissed Byakuya's forehead. "You know I'm an idiot without extra studying and practice..." He let his lips capture Byakuya's briefly before speaking again. "And anything you find sexy is something to work for..."

"Good." Byakuya's blush brightened even as his grin grew larger. "And... I want to make you feel good too." His voice deepened unconsciously as he ran a hand up Ichigo's arm playfully.

That slight change in pitch sent heat racing to Ichigo's groin. Byakuya really did have a gorgeous voice... thick and sensual. "Oh yeah? Like what?" Ichigo was determined. Maybe he'd just have to coax filthy words out of that gorgeous mouth. Ichigo sucked on a nipple, biting at it.

Byakuya squirmed under Ichigo's ministrations, the little nips and sucks starting to drive him mad. He ran long fingers through the short strands of Ichigo's hair, not realizing he was encouraging Ichigo's journey down his body. "Things like... oh like that," Byakuya groaned out as Ichigo laved a sensitized nipple repeatedly.

Ichigo ran his tongue over more heated expanse, touching rough fingertips to the pale, smooth skin of Byakuya's hip. "Just say one filthy word, Byakuya... be naughty..." He spoke words in between kisses, moving ever lower. Ichigo's voice was thick with lust, and hung in that low, rough place that Ichigo's voice went to so naturally. "You're so hot when you blush..."

The heat of Ichigo's breath moving lower over his skin made Byakuya shiver and arch his back against the other boy's body. He shook his head, Ichigo's words already making his blush spread. Byakuya did not think he had it in him to talk dirty. At least, he thought so until Ichigo started to map every single inch of his skin with a warm, soft tongue intent on leaving Byakuya sobbing with want. He held out with just a stream of steady breathless moans, his erection a burning brand against his belly and then Ichigo slid his mouth over Byakuya's bellybutton, sucking hard and tonguing it cruelly. Byakuya's hips jerked sharply as he cried out, finally not caring what the hell he said so long as Ichigo kept going, giving voice to a dirty fantasy he held close, "Oh god, I want to feel your cock in my mouth."

Ichigo grinned, shivering in pleasure. There it was. "I knew it... but you'll have to wait your turn..." He wrapped careful fingers around Byakuya's arousal finally, giving him just a little more of what he needed. Ichigo kissed Byakuya's inner thigh, looking up at Byakuya writhing and moaning--yeah this was worth it. He licked his lips a bit nervously, leaning down to lick the head.

Byakuya whimpered and fought the urge to thrust upwards towards Ichigo. He fisted his hands in the sheets instead and stared down at Ichigo with eyes gone dark with want. He was so close to coming already he wanted to beg Ichigo to go faster. "Please!"

It felt and tasted a bit odd, but Ichigo figured he'd get used to it. He proceeded to go down on Byakuya as far as he possibly could without gagging... and then he started sucking on it. A total lack of moderation or grace... but that just seemed to fit Ichigo's style anyway.

To Byakuya, it felt like Ichigo had decided to swallow his cock whole. It felt better than poor Byakuya had ever imagined in his dirty dreams. His eyes rolled back into his head as his control broke and he gave into the pounding urge to thrust up into the wet heat of Ichigo's mouth.

Ichigo gagged, pulling back and coughing a little as he pushed down on Byakuya's hips with a grunt, holding him there firmly. It was really enticing to see Byakuya so... unrestrained and helplessly lost in pleasure. But Ichigo still had to breathe. Ichigo went back for more, this time not so rough, and he made sure Byakuya couldn't move... Ichigo had him quite trapped and at the total mercy of his hot mouth.

It wasn't long before Byakuya felt himself close to the edge, unable to do anything but submit to Ichigo's exploration and writhe helplessly. A little flick of Ichigo's tongue against the head of his cock had Byakuya screaming Ichigo's name and trying to pull back as he started to come.

Ichigo managed to pull away in time, squeezing and pumping Byakuya a few more times to completion. Ichigo watched Byakuya intensely, his panting, his moaning... the rhythmic way his chest rose and fell... Ichigo grinned, quite proud of the debauched decimation he caused his very frazzled boyfriend. He crawled over Byakuya, kissing him softly and pulling him close. Okay, it hadn't been horrible... in fact, it was pretty hot. And well worth it. But Byakuya was doing it to him next time, he decided on his own. "Well, was that how you'd thought it would be?"

Byakuya nuzzled against Ichigo lazily, feeling quite soft and relaxed. "Much better than that," he almost purred as he placed a kiss on the corner Ichigo's mouth. "Thank you."

"Happy birthday, Byakuya."